I’m about to hop on a train up to Dundee for the weekend to attend the Church of Scotland’s annual National Youth Assembly. I’m going up in a work capacity, but am personally very excited about this: it’s not everyday you find a local conference (ie in the UK – there are a couple in the USA) that is aiming to really make use of web2.0 technologies as a major part of the conference. The organisers are hoping to use Twitter to facilitate real-time dialogue and feedback during sessions, as well as making use of blogging, flickr and wiki tools, both over the weekend and after, to foster ongoing dialogue. It’ll be very interesting to see how this works out in practice! For now, check out the links below for the official NYA2008 wiki & blog.

NYA2008 wiki
NYA2008 blog

PS. Did I mention I’ll be staying here? I love my job!