I’ve spent the past couple of days in Gisenyi, on the shore of Lake Kivu, in north-western Rwanda. The drive up here from Kigali was one of the most beautiful, scenic drives I’ve ever taken in my life – watched the sunset against the backdrop of a volcanic mountain range.

I’m staying in this great place, Lake View Hotel. It’s not really busy during the week, most visitors come at the weekend, so I got a free upgrade of my room: I’m staying in a really nice ensuite double bedroom, and have my own lounge & kitchen… gotta love gifts like that! Check it out:

The hotel is also literally a stones-throw from the DR Congo border, about 100m away. I can see Goma clearly from my room.

The beach is about a 10 minute walk in the opposite direction. Trying to shift gears and have a few days R&R before the I travel back to Scotland on Sunday. I wandered around Gisenyi for a few hours today before settling down with a book (Eat Pray Love – which is fast becoming one of my favourite books) and a cup of coffee, overlooking the beach.