It was great to get to spend some time with Jessica Fairchild, and one of her friends Allison, on Friday evening. I’ve been following her blog & photography for a while now, and when I discovered we’d both be in Uganda at the same time, I thought it’d be cool to meet up! Jess is a great photographer, blogs here, and is interning with Invisible Children at the minute in Gulu, Uganda.

[Photo by Jess!]

Following dinner with Jess, I headed to the Wyclef Jean concert in Kampala with a few friends from the office. Unfortunately don’t have any half decent photos!! There were some fireworks going off as we arrived and lots of commotion by Zain, the company sponsoring the concert to mark their rebranding/relaunch in East Africa. DJ Benny D played for a while before Wyclef came on stage – in his kilt, no less – around midnight. It was actually a really fun night, glad I went!

Not a bad way to spend (what I thought was) my last full day in Uganda, eh?!