Yesterday I headed out to a street kids project called “Jesus Cares For All” with the Australian team. The project comprises of a orphanage, a nursery & primary school, and a church, and is run by a woman called Mamma Flavia (hope I spelt that right!).

Mamma Flavia

Mamma Flavia & Rachel

She was a successful business woman before she met Jesus, and he gave her a vision of looking after his orphaned children. It was beautiful to listen to her story, hearing how she started with one, and now has 180 kids at the school. Unfortunately I didn’t catch how many are living with her currently. They have 50 acres of land, purchased with FOL help, which Mamma Flavia dreams of developing so there is space for 300 children, and for a secondary school.

It was heartbreaking at times to hear of how she longs to care for more abandoned and orphaned kids, and has the space for them… but not enough resources to feed them all. Can you imagine turning your kids away because you couldn’t feed them? You can help with this! Visit the FOL website for information on sponsoring a child through FOL.