I’ve had a pretty lazy weekend, and it’s been welcomed! The past week of traveling all over the show with teams was incredible but pretty tiring, so I was ready for a nice slow weekend. Kicked off on Friday evening by heading down to Entebbe to pick up the Aberdeen team, who are lead by my good friend Susie. Susie is the person who put me in contact with FOL initially, so it was cool to get to spend a bit of time with her at the weekend. I’ll be heading up to Kiwoko with them next Sunday for the week, so will have plenty of time to get to know the girls!

We spent a few hours chilling out at Garden City on Saturday afternoon, including introducing the girls to the food court – quite the experience! There are about 8 different restaurants, they all come at you from different directions with menus, pointing things out, hovering over you like flies until you choose their menu! I also managed to bump into a friend from Glasgow who’s out in Kampala for a month, which was good fun.

This morning we went along to the International Church here in Kampala, and man, I loved it! They aren’t particularly high-tech in the way some churches would be, but they made so much use of such a wide variety of creative and artistic worship, it was incredible to watch/participate in. I was trying to find some of the liturgy they used in communion this morning, because it just blew me away by its power – can’t seem to find it right now, but if I do I’ll post it up.

How’s your weekend been?