It’s less than 8 weeks now until I leave for Uganda/Rwanda, and I’m starting to get all the little bits and pieces organised – making sure I’ve got the camera kit I need, getting insurance, that kinda thing. One of the things I am hoping to do on this trip is to shoot with Polaroid a lot. I use almost all digital right now, but I still love Polaroid! Needless to say I was very sad when they announced they are going to stop making Polaroid film next year.

I would love to be able to take pictures of the kids and families I meet using Polaroid, so I can give it to them there and then to keep. Remember the joy and excitement of watching a Polaroid print develop? I’d love to be able to give that enjoyment to kids who’ve maybe never seen or held a picture of themselves before.

That’s part of the goal of this trip: using photography to create a sense of self worth, pride and value in an otherwise unnoticed person.

I want to give you the chance to help with this!

Polaroid film is too expensive for me to buy a ton of packets myself, so I thought, what better way for you to get involved than to donate packets of Polaroid film! For every packet of film you donate, I will take 10 pictures, leaving 9 with the families and kids in Uganda, and I will send one print back to you, when I get back to the UK. Sound good?

If you’re up for it, leave a comment so I can get your email address, or drop me an email at emmaboyd87 [at] hotmail [dot] com, and I’ll email you my postal address. Not too keen on leaving it up online here for everyone to see!

Thank so much for your help!

(P.S. This was Longbrakes idea originally – thanks for letting me borrow it!)