Art & Justice

Three posts in one day, I know, its a lot when I’ve been inconsistent lately! But I read this quote and it hit me, so I needed to post it…

“Art is love creating a new world. Justice is rolling up your sleeves and healing the old one.”

[N.T. Wright]

HT: Daley

6 thoughts on “Art & Justice

  1. i read that right after you posted it last night, but didn’t really take it in, but just now, when i read it as i’m preparing to start a long day of stuff- essays included- its much more… poignant? pressing? affecting? something like that anyway, i can’t think of the right word..

  2. @ suz: it’s working on me too…

    @ neal: he is a bit of a legend, so I hear, I have yet to read any of his books… lame, I know!

    P.S. is there a reason it just decided to put in a ‘possibly related posts’ section here??

  3. Where did you come across this N.T. Wright quote? I was at an event last week in NYC in which he spoke, and that is exactly what he said during an Q&A session after his lecture.

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