Off to Glencoe for the weekend to celebrate this ones 21st birthday. Rather excited about hanging out with this group of folks – about 30 of us heading away – and the potential for some dusk/evening wide-angle landscape light painting fun…!

4 thoughts on “Glencoe

  1. @ Rose: You need a tripod for this, or somewhere really steady to set your camera. Just use a long exposure – set your shutter speed to 10/15/20 secs and use a torch (or improvise with mobile phones like we did!) to paint whatever you want – pictures, words, etc. Keep the space where you’re doing it as dark as possible, any extra light will show up in the image too!

  2. Awesome! Will try!! 🙂

    Hey we will have to connect in Uganda. So exciting that you got your tickets! I am there July 2-14th, with all day the 14th being in Uganda. I will try to find the address for this cool coffee shop that I heard is there that a lot of NGO employees frequent. I will be in touch! 🙂

  3. @ rose: 14th in Kampala I’m assuming you mean? Sounds great. We should def try connect while there – let me know if you get the name of that coffee place!

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