A mix of things from the last few days:

  • My phone gave up the ghost today, and I had to go get a new one. Read: I manually had to transfer ALL my numbers from one phone to the other.
  • Vicariously attending Q through Scotts‘ liveblogging. This is one of the two conference that I really want to attend someday soon – take note!
  • Enjoyed spending Monday night talking with Holly over a bottle of wine. Deep chat.
  • Booked my flights to Uganda yesterday – leaving 24th June, back 11th August. Coffee morning at my house in N. Ireland on the 19th April if you’re around?
  • Managed to get to housegroup last night for the first time in two months.
  • Reading SEED magazine (HT: Ben)
  • Found this amazing project: ReCapture
  • Off to Sarah’s birthday celebrations later!