Pre-Term Dinner

On Saturday night a few friends came round to mine for some pizza, desserts and so on. I had a really lovely evening spending time with friends, being reminded that I have some of the most incredible friends around. There was one point I was kinda just sitting in a corner taking it all in: to my right, a conversation on missions and Eastern Europe/Russia; straight in front of me, a conversation that I didn’t understand about philosophy; to my left, Fran geeking out with my camera, and more general conversations.

In The Doorway

Reuben & Lyndsey

Fran Takes Pictures

Having Fran around allowed me some more freedom to play with the camera stuff. We tried some light painting: a lot of fun! We’re both taking some tripods and camera kit to Glencoe next weekend, and may have to do some more light painting experimentation!

Choose To Live

More images in this set on flickr.

Bloggers present: Holly, Fran, Lyndsey, Reuben.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Term Dinner

  1. looks like fun kid.. glad you enjoyed yourself- here, what are you doing tonight?
    if your free, feel free to invite yourself round for dinner… 🙂

  2. @ julie: this was my first time trying it, and this is what I came out with. planning to try some outdoor landscape light writing stuff this weekend… will let you know how it goes!

    @ suz: it was fun!

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