I’ve been thinking about Easter a lot today. When I posted on Saturday about it feeling very un-Easter-like, I thought it was just me. Yet it seems to be a general theme among a lot of my friends and fellow bloggers. Many people feel like the season just kinda crept up on us and all of a sudden it was here and we weren’t acting or thinking any differently, even though this is the defining day for us.

I’ve got this friend who reminds me a lot of Jesus. Neither of us are your stereotypical girl, yet we still will call each other up and talk for hours on the phone. She’s got this beautiful, tender heart that lets me talk around the subject for as long as I need, then gently but firmly asks me the questions I’ve been avoiding.

I can’t help thinking that’s a lot like what Jesus does. He’s gentle and he wont force himself on you, but if you let him, he’ll ask the hard questions.

Today I feel like Jesus has been doing that to me. Easter came early, and the disruption was just that: a disruption. It’s almost as if Jesus has been saying, “You’re too comfortable Emma.” Have we put Easter in a box? Have we forgotten what this story really means? At church yesterday we sang Jesus Loves Me, an old kids praise song. It’s simple truth knocked me for six. “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” For me at least, I have become so familiar with many of the songs and many of the stories of Jesus life that I don’t really think about them much anymore. I mean, lets be honest…

Jesus rose from the dead!!

In case you didn’t notice… people don’t normally rise from the dead! It just doesn’t happen. But we (I) walk around as if this is completely normal, nothing our of the ordinary, doesn’t surprise us at all.

Maybe as our patterns and rhythms of living are disrupted, maybe that’s exactly what God wanted this easter. Maybe it was less about our not engaging with it and more about God calling out to us. Calling us from death into life.

And you see, that’s the beauty of the cross. It isn’t just Jesus’ resurrection. It’s my resurrection too. It’s all the ways in which Jesus makes me alive again where once I was dead. It’s life in all it’s fullness.