On Wednesday past I spent a few hours in the Tate Modern, surprising myself by how much I appreciated some of the work (granted, much I did not, but I enjoyed more than I thought I might!). A few of the images I found myself lingering over…

The Busy Life by Jean Dubuffet

The Tree A by Piet Mondrian

Wine Crucifix by Arnulf Rainer

I also really enjoyed the Cages series by Gerhard Richter, the section on Popular Painting (predominantly from Congo) and Shibboleth by Doris Salcedo.

“By making the floor the principal focus of her project, Salcedo dramatically shifts our perception of the Turbine Hall’s architecture, subtly subverting its claims to monumentality and grandeur. Shibboleth asks questions about the interaction of sculpture and space, about architecture and the values it enshrines, and about the shaky ideological foundations on which Western notions of modernity are built.”