I’ve spent the last few days in London – mostly trying to recover from jetlag – however I did manage to see a few sights and sounds. Went for a nice walk (minus the half hour torrential downpour on Tuesday) along the Thames, down past the London Eye and across to the Parliament buildings. Had coffee at the Covent Garden Progreso, a cafe I wanted to check out. Meandered along Oxford Street & Bond Street at my leisure, taking in the sights and sounds. Stumbled across Foyles unintentionally. Successfully managed to not lose more money to books – major achievement!

Yesterday I headed over to the Tate Modern, followed by another little walk along the Thames, this time up towards Tower Bridge. Felt like I had to go see Buckingham Palace, which in all honesty was rather a let-down (as I had been warned!) – seriously, its just a big house, it’s not that pretty or decorative at all!

In about two hours I’m hoping on a train across to Nottingham to hang out with Shelley for the evening… bring it on! I miss that girl.