5 thoughts on “Ed Debevic’s

  1. hehe if teh food is good then cool but all that cheesy crap would just upset me!!
    we should done that in the upper room tho, singing In Christ alone to customers might have been a laugh!!!

  2. @ connor: random it is for sure…

    @ ally: I have to admit I kinda like ‘cheesy crap’ every so often! their ‘thing’ is that its ‘service with sass’… they play it up so well, and it’s just a lot of fun! however, I don’t think we should have done it – with my voice we’d have scared the customers off i reckon!! and dancing?! Christians dont dance ally, don’t you know?!?!

    @ jeff: you should check it out if you get a chance, the food is pretty good and its just a fun place to visit! take lots of friends if you can, it’s best that way!

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