How I Spent My Morning

Reading Dave Ferguson’s book The Big Idea (lead pastor of CCC, where I was yesterday) and drinking a coffee frappuccino in O Hare airport waiting for my flight.

And catching my last glimpse of Chicago for however long – hopefully not that long.

5 thoughts on “How I Spent My Morning

  1. I miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back 🙁

    *cries.. and throws self top floor with a dramatic sigh*

    Now that the messy business of my show of affection is over- Hope ur well m’dear and I shall c u next friday… That’s like a week 2m! U should be stoked, haven’t got my ticket, ur ticket or our train tickets yet… just so u know… ages to go yet like!

  2. Hiya – miss you, was thinking about you today. Enjoy the rest of your time stateside.

    Btw my copy of Jesus for President arrived today!!!

    Coralie xxx

  3. @ Coralie: ooh, thats funny, i went book-shopping today (as I’ve finished all the ones I brought with me!), and Jesus for President was one of the ones I got! Look forward to discussing it with you soon.

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