5 thoughts on “Ground Level Cafe

  1. sounds awesome- they have a school for the arts!! so exciting!
    looks like you’re enjoying yourself out there.. i’m glad you’re having fun..
    savour every moment!

  2. hey girl, yea having an amazing time, much joy. CCC is pretty rocking… wish I could have made it to one of their services, but oh well, next time. had some really great conversations with Lee (whom I was meeting with) about a lot of stuff. and their school for the arts sounds pretty amazing. one of the guys they have on staff used to be a producer on the Chicago broadway, pretty good eh?!

  3. that is cool.. 🙂 aaah, the life of a ragamuffin, hey?
    not to freak you out but you were the topic of conversation for a wee while last night- me and james talking about how good you are at finding flights/the jammyness of your travel exploits… it was nice, but not as nice as you actually being there..
    anyhoo… now you’re thoroughly weirded out, i shall go back to my peanut butter sandwich… yum yum… 🙂

  4. haha… slightly freaked out… but yes, I count it a major privilege to be able to be doing this right now! i’m gonna email ya, i need some of your thoughts on something!

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