One of the reasons I’m here in DC at the minute is to check out a coffee house called Ebenezers. Ebenezers is a coffehouse owned and operated by National Community Church here in DC, and sits in prime location just round the corner from Union Station. NCC view Ebz as a way to build relationships with the community around them, and it enables them to funnel any profits back into community outreach programs. At my church (GWV) we have been talking about the possibility of doing something similar. We want to be able to run a top class coffeehouse that would become a home-from-home, a hub for local creativity, and a way of giving back to the community.

So, I’m here spending several hours a day hanging out at Ebz, talking to lots of staff, watching how it all works, learning as much as I can. Doesn’t hurt that the coffee’s great to boot…!

(Day 52) Ebenezers