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It has been sunny and dry for several days in a row in Glasgow… it is wonderful! Spent several hours today sitting on a bench in Kelvingrove park, reading and drinking very yummy coffee.

I do believe that drinking less coffee makes me appreciate it more and more.


7 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. It’s ‘Making Globalisation Work’ by Joseph Stiglitz – great book, finished it off today. Stiglitz was Chief Economist at the World Back a while back – this is a follow up book to his “Globalisation and it’s Discontents”, which was a major book – it was the first time that someone from really high up within IMF/WB circles had outspokenly criticized the way they do things. Great book. Will blog some thoughts soon!

  2. I would go as far as to say Kelvingrove Park on a sunny day is one of my most favourite places in the world! 🙂 I spent the afternoon there on Saturday… siiigh

  3. i don’t even understand the title of the chapter…but i’m glad you’re enjoying it!! i hate books!!! :o)! how was your wee trip away??? hopefully catch you soon!! hugs xx

  4. wow…another great pic (love the church steeple peeking from the trees in the background!). Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos with us here stateside…i can only dream of spending an afternoon, reading in a park in Scotland…it is on top of places i have to be before i get to heaven!!

    BTW — are you forgoing coffee in observance of Lent?? I am, and it has been terribly hard…but worth it!! : )


  5. @sarah: i miss you! berlin was amazing, such a cool city. i’m actually off again soon… booked last minute flights and heading to the US on Monday! the book was also great – pretty interesting take on globalisation and using it as a force for good. lets talk this week?

    @brandon: the tower peeking through is actually the top of the steeple at the University of Glasgow, it’s an incredible building. you should come visit me sometime… Scotland is an incredibly beautiful country. where abouts are you from in the States?

    Oh, and no, I haven’t given up coffee for lent, but one of my new years goals was to drink less coffee and more water… so I put a limit on coffee consumption! It’s nice, it’s becoming more of a treat, I appreciate it more.

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