So, we’re back from Berlin… Had a fantastic time just chilling out, taking in some history and the sights. We did one of the free walking tours, which was excellent, and got to see a lot of the touristy places… Brandenburg Gate, Bebel Platz, Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, Holocaust Memorial, and so on.

The Reichstag

Holocaust Memorial

Took in a few bars one night, including this cool little Cuban place:

Cuban Bar

We somehow (very flukey) managed to be there over Long Night At The Museum, an evening when all the museums are open from 6pm to 2am. You buy a single ticket and it allows you access to all the museums, who all have special programs on for the event. We got to visit the Jewish Museum, the main one we had wanted to see. It was difficult at times to comprehend what the Jews have suffered, made me very reflective. The architecture in Berlin seems so well thought out – brought me back to comments from Soliton Sessions last Feb about how we shape our buildings and then they shape us. I’m really fascinated by how the design and shape of buildings impacts upon how we interact with them. My favourite memorial in the Jewish museum was one called Shalechet – click the picture below to read the artists description of it.


We also managed to take in a piano recital in Berlin Cathedral… oh my word it was amazing!

Piano Recital (2)

More pictures on my Berlin flickr set here