I’m off to Berlin for a few days. Sara and I are heading out today til Sunday for a bit of a holiday… good company, new city… lots of photographs hopefully, maybe even learn some history if I’m lucky. See ya Sunday. 

5 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. So lucky! I’ve only been to Berlin once and it is brilliant, you’ll no doubt be able to take some ridiculously good photos. Enjoy and take care.

  2. I met you on the Passion blog a long time ago. I was looking over old posts and found your new blog. Did you know that Passion is doing a World Tour – and coming to London, Paris, Sotckholm, Kiev, etc? Part of what they are raising money for in the US tour is bloodwater mission, which I think I saw on one of your posts. They are also going to Africa…all over.

    Just wanted to make sure you knew! How is college life for you?

  3. ha ha i saw that someone called kendra had commented here and thought it was my flarmate (from berlin, hence why she would comment) but it wasn’t…
    hope you had a lovely time kid.. will catch up with you soon.. it feels like its been ages.. 🙂 x

  4. Cheers guys! Berlin was fantastic… my favourite European city so far! (Riga comes a close second though!) Photographs coming soon…

    Suz, catch up soon for def, it has been ages.

    Kendra, good to hear from you again! So much has changed since we were last in touch… I will try to forward you a recent email I wrote with lots of the details. Have been keeping an eye on the Passion world tour, will either try to make London or Kampala.

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