Idealism: (n.)

The practice of forming or pursuing ideals, esp. unrealistically.
The belief that ideals can be achieved, even if this does not seem likely to others.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this idea of being ‘idealistic’. It seems like more often than not today it is used as a dirty word. It is bandied about and applied to people who others think are a bit crazy, not in touch with reality. Maybe they’re right. But idealistic is not a dirty word.

I want to reclaim it as a good thing.

I’m the first person to admit that I’m young and idealistic. But why is that bad? What is the point of having ideals if we are not willing to pursue them? If we don’t think they can be lived out? Would you rather think that a better world is possible, but not want to try to achieve it? I’m not naive enough to think that it is easy or perfect as we pursue idealistic dreams – everything costs something. It’s just that I’m willing to pay the price to try. Are you?

I’m beginning a new season, and I will be starting to pursue very idealistic dreams. Too idealistic some would say. It will cost. It will be difficult at times. But it will be worth it. Ryan wrote this a few weeks ago, and it feels appropriate for here…

“It was a year of realizing that idealistic dreams are seldom sustainable in the real world as they are in my head. And that’s okay… it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dream or try to live into God’s Future. It simply means that everything costs something.”

What price are you willing to pay to pursue your ideals?