Hope In The Dark

Hope In The Dark is one of the new books I got given for Christmas. It’s quite possibly the most wonderful book I have ever held in my hands! It’s a book of photography of Africa with reflections by Jena Lee, founder of blood:water mission. The book is kind-of the embodiment of what I’d like to do with my life… take pictures that make a difference. Someday…

I stood within the filthy, shack-filled slum of Kibera while also looking up at the stunning clouds that danced across the vast stretch of African sky. There is such tragedy and yet such beauty at the same time. Overwhelmed by the insanity of this broken world, I find it difficult to understand how the pieces of it all fit together. The same earth can hold the fragrence of a field of flowers while also occupying the stench of urine on hot concrete. Who is this God that we call Father, Creator, and Lord? Kenya is here. And so is God.

7 thoughts on “Hope In The Dark

  1. Thanks Cliff. I actually had a nosey at that book when I was in the States in the summer, but didnt buy a copy at the time. How did you find your way across to my blog?

  2. I found you by trolling for interesting and literate sites, which occupies the first part of my morning…and then the grind of working on the novel until the early evening when I can collapse and spend some time with my family. And that is the scope and extent of my so-called life…

    What I like about Stephanie Nolen’s book is that, unlike most journalists, she spent a significant amount of time in the countries she’s writing about and went into situations of the worst squalor imaginable…and still came out hopeful for the future of the continent. Let’s hope she’s right…and, of course, there are always those wonderful Stephen Lewis Massey lectures…

  3. Thanks for the mini-review of Nolen’s book well! I might try pick up a copy somewhere along the way. I just read the Lewis’ Massey lectures last month and was very struck by them. Some good ideas about what needs to happen next… let’s just hope we put at least some of them into practise.

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