I read a report in todays Guardian about the situation in Darfur again.

In it Robert Booth discuss the current situation: the lack of governmental aid, Western indifference and so on. I was struck by a paragraph in which he relates how the African Unions 6000 trooops on the ground haven’t even been paid their subsistence allowances since August. It struck me that in the west we would not tolerate this. We hear cries daily of “Supprt Our Troops”. It feels like it has almost become the constant refrain of this generation. But what about their troops? Do we support them?

I’m constantly frustrated by our disregard for our common humanity. People are dying daily in Sudan due to lack of food, clean water, access to simple medications. Things we take forgranted. Things we would not stand for if they were not provided for us. Where is our love for our neighboor? Where is our shared humanity?

We are all human.

We said after Rwanda, “never again.”

We lied.