Fall EP

Today I bought Jon Foremans new EP, Fall. It is beautiful. You should all go buy it.

I’m not sure why it always goes downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I’ve spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky

So here tonight while the stars are blacking out
With every hope and dream I’ve ever had in doubt
I’ve spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away
But the water keeps on falling from my eyes

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I try to find a cure for the pain
Oh my Lord, to suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away…

2 thoughts on “Fall EP

  1. they’re not paying me… which should show you that i genuinely just love this EP! the lyrics are great and its got a really acoustic, laid-back feel to it. come visit and i’ll play it for you…

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