Today has been a good day. Lunch with Stoops. Dinner with Suz. Gig with Foy.

I spent tonight at Brel taking in Foy’s gig. To say I was excited would be an understatement… this was the rearranged gig that was supposed to happen in Sept. Holly and I were jumping around a little in anticipation… Foy didn’t disappoint. We had 2 newbies in our group – Suz and James… both of whom seemed to enjoy the night. Foy… I’ve said it before, but he really does get better every time. After the first song he played tonight, I remembered why I love to watch him live. Recordings are great, but Foy is in his element when he’s live.

He did an acoustic cover of Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For tonight, and it was so beautiful. Just him and a guitar standing in the middle of the crowd (so everyone could hear), singing the song. A lot of people joined in, and almost everyone sang along during the chorus. I had a little shiver up my spine… something beautiful. He also played an old song I love but haven’t heard him play live in years – someone requested What’s In A Bottle, off his first EP (the one he hates!).

I also discovered that ‘Home’ has been a perfect soundtrack for the past week and a half.

Though I can’t find a video for it, so here, watch Gabriel instead…