East Africa 08

I think it’s safe to break this news now…

It looks like I’ll be spending next summer in East Africa.

I’m going to be working as a volunteer photographer for a Northern Irish charity called Fields of Life in Uganda for 6 weeks or so. I’ll be based in Uganda, most likely Kampala, and travelling with FOL staff to visit various projects around Uganda, documenting what they do, and connecting with short-term teams they will have out at the time. I will also get the chance to travel into Rwanda, Burundi, and Kenya with the staff if any are going while I’m out there.

I’m so excited about this… to watch how God has brought this together… from chatting with a friend who’s been in Uganda with FOL, to a phone call, to a lunch-time meeting… to now I’m going! FOL are involved in a lot of great things: child sponsorship, education, health care, microfinancing, providing clean water…

I’m now trying to find ways to finance this. I need a job. And I need to start fundraising. I’m thinking of selling some prints of my pictures to fundraise (much like Connor did). I also really need to get a few things for the camera (wide angle lens, really good tripod) before I head off, which will incur more expense! If you know any ways for me to earn/get some money for this trip, please let me know!

I’d like to do a bit of travelling at the end of my time in Uganda as well. I’m definately going to spend a few days in Rwanda at least. I’d like to visit Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia while I’m out too. We’ll see…


4 thoughts on “East Africa 08

  1. NO WAY!
    emma i cant even tell you how excited i am for you! i would most definitely buy some prints from you… even ones that you already have! ill be praying for you.

  2. Emma!!! You’ve wanted to go for so long! Wow. . using your photo talents. . doing the most good with them. I’m so proud of you and happy for you!!!

  3. Thanks guys… really appreciate your support! I’m VERY excited and so thankful for this opportunity… it actually blows my mind… I cant believe I get to do this!! Prints will go on sale soon… spread the word!

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