I had such a lovely day chilling out in Edinburgh on Saturday. The weather was beautiful, for one thing! I did very little… some window shopping, lunch in a restaurant I’d always wanted to try, a visit to Jim Garrahys Fudge Kitchen (yum!), coffee over several hours reading a novel (something I don’t read much!), a walk in the park… I wandered through the Meadows for a while in the early evening sunshine, it was so beautiful. It wasn’t too busy, and yet it was great just to watch people playing. I’m rediscovering play. Doing things for no other reason than because they bring me joy.

Some visual documentation:

royal mile

[Royal Mile]

[Pretty roof]

the meadows

[The Meadows]

fudge kitchen

[Fudge Kitchen]


[Found this little clothes shop and adored the name and the reminder… I’m just a ragamuffin, loved by God]

coffee shop view

[View from the coffee shop window]