I’m going to Edinburgh tomorrow for the day…

I’m learning that I need to be alone to rest and refresh. I’m learning that I need to plan regular time in where I do that. If I don’t, other things (good, worthwhile things) will crowd in and I wont rest. I’m learning how much I need to depend on Jesus for everything.

I’m also learning how much I talk and don’t do. There is such a dichotomy between what I say and what I do. I’m working on that one. I long to be a person of integrity. I long to be someone whose yes is yes and no is no. Someday I will be that person.

So, tomorrow I am in Edinburgh. On my own. With a book or two. A few cups of coffee. A park visit. Hopefully lunch in my favourite restaurant there. A camera. I will be unobtainable for the most part. See you on Sunday… perhaps!