“The truth is, we’re always a bit restles. We’re supposed to be. This is not a flaw in our faith, it is faith’s substance. It is a divine ruse to keep us from making permanent settlement this side of eternity…

When we recognise that our loneliness, our hunger, our weariness, our disappointment – that these are not final verdicts but only rumours of things unseen, it changes their meaning. It empties them of their power to defeat us. It fills them with an energy to spur us toward deeper hope.”

[The Rest Of God – Mark Buchanan]

I finished this book today (sitting in the blazing sunshine in Offshore drinking a coffee… it’s good!) and came across this gem of a passage as it draws to a close. When I read this, I suddenly went, “yes!” That’s me. Restlessness is ok, it leads to deeper dependancy on Abba, God. All the things I battle with, they lead depper into Abba. I am constantly being reminded how much all is required of us is to lift our eyes of ourselves and fix them on Jesus… he’ll do the rest.