I’m in Glasgow 🙂

Yea, so I realised I haven’t done a great job at updating you all (like, all 3 of you) recently! I’ve been working full-time in an office, 8:30-4:30 Mon-Fri. Realising how much working full-time takes it out of you actually. I’ll blog about my trip to the US soon hopefully, and get some more pictures on flickr.

When I haven’t been working I’ve just been catching up with friends. It’s been great to hang out with folks I hadnt seen in a while.

This weekend I’m in Glasgow. Came across on the boat with my parents and wee bro to move my stuff into my flat. Just moved into a flat in Partick with a couple of girls, pretty excited about living with them. Can’t wait for term to start to be honest. I head back to NI on Sunday evening for another weeks work before I’m back in Glasgow proper. Term starts next Tuesday 25th I do believe.

It’s nice to be in Glasgow… get to go to my church, see friends I’ve missed, and so on. Went to Offshore today, was lovely to be back!

Righto… off to put the wee bro to bed!