So… yes, I finally got round to sending some link love…

I’ve added some new bloggers to the blogroll (and some not-so-new ones that I just didn’t quite get round to…), and I’ll post some links here to blogs I’m loving at this current point in time.

A few more Glasgow Uni blogging friends – Fran and Holly to start with, both medics and deep thinkers. Fran loves photography as much as me I do believe. Holly loves home mission as much as me. Phil is blogging too, not sure if it’s just for while he’s in Chechnya or more permanent. Phil and I were in Latvia this summer on team as well as being at UoG.

Gillian may blog from time to time… if she blogs regularly I’ll add a permanent link haha.

Claire is blogging occasionally also… I linked here when she started, but now she’s in the blogroll too.

Rick has been blogging for quite a while now, but I’m increasingly challenged and encouraged by his words so I’ve linked him up in the blogroll too.

John is a guy I met and got to hang out with for a few days in DC… he has a passion for justice like I’ve never seen before, as do a lot of the folks I met through the Week of Justice there (more on that later).

Loving Longbrakes blog at the minute… I am envious of the roadtrip they are doing… maybe I will do one in Scotland. That would be fun. He’s thinking about some stuff I’m thinking about too.

That’s all for now.