I turned 20 just under a month ago…

It was pretty amazing to spend my birthday in New York. I geeked out all day long, was actually a pretty perfect birthday in many ways. It was our first day in New York, we just got in the night before, so I had a big ol’ breakfast of pancakes and bacon and maple syrup at the hotel. Next stop was the International Center of Photography. The current exhibitions were “Let Your Motto Be Resistance: African American Portraits”, “Chim: Photographs by David Seymour”, “Amelia Earhart: Image & Icon”, and “Biographical Landscape: The Photography of Stephen Shore, 1969-79”. All very good exhibitions.


My favourite was “Let Your Motto Be Resistance”, it had some stunning portraits. The cover image on the book (above) is one of my favourites.


I went to the largest camera store in NY, B&H Photo. Spent some time rummaging around in there, it was great.

Second to last stop… Apple Store 5th Avenue (Apple Mecca!). It is beautiful! The building is a glass cube above the ground, while the store is completely underground. It’s stunning. I got to play with the iPhone for the first time. I’ve gone through many phases with the iPhone… when it was first announced I was very excited, to “I don’t really need it, it wont be that great anyway”, to now that I’ve played with it, “I really really want one!” But it is ridiculously expensive, so its unlikely.



To finish the day off, I had a picnic in Central Park with my family. We got some grilled corn-on-the-cob, a calzone, and some fresh lemonade to celebrate with. It was a really lovely day all in all.




And so… I am 20. I’m no longer a teenager. I am an adult. (Supposedly!)

Here goes…