I just got an email today from Kellie with this stunning image and story in it, and I felt I needed to share it…

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The Bride

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I was ministering in Pemba, Mozambique when the Holy Spirit came upon me in power. A painting came forth with prophetic significance for the people, for all of us. The painting was of the Bride. It was the reality of a vision and encounter that I had with Jesus during my time at Holy Given. I was soaking in His almighty presence when suddenly I was caught up in a heavenly vision. I saw before me the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was in her wedding dress walking up the aisle. At the top end of the aisle there were two thrones; one was Gods throne and another was hers. She was the Bride of Christ.

She was beautiful beyond description. She was so beautiful that she became transparent and her train covered the earth. There were many people on either side of her representing every tribe, tongue and nation. As she walked they placed before her gifts. The entire world stood awaiting her approach.

The gifts they were laying before her were stones that represent things that pull and separate Jesus from His Bride. Every tribe, nation and the Church were laying down their pride, bitterness, jealousy, spirit of competition, and past wars against one another. As they were being laid before her, she could increasingly approach the throne.

Suddenly everything stopped. I was in darkness. There was a pulling at my feet. I looked down and saw Jesus. He was desperately and uncontrollably weeping at my feet. He clung to me, begging me. He said to me, ‘unite my bride.’ He looked into my eyes and said it again and again. I became broken and completely undone before Him. I wept for three days.

On the third day Jesus appeared before me for a second time. Kneeling before me, again crying out in complete desperation for the unity of his bride. I got so frustrated and cried out ‘Why me God?’ And he replied: “You are not the only one I have called. I have placed many people around the world with the same vision and call”. Unite my Bride is the cry of his heart. We need to gather as believers united and one. True unity. We need to reconcile and forgive so His kingdom can break forth, so that the Bride can be one with her Bridegroom.

This was inspired from gazing into the eyes of King Jesus. Every drop of paint is guided, chosen and placed upon the canvas by his hands. I pray that when you gaze upon this painting it reveals his heart for the nations, for your nation and ministers to your heart.

Kellie Holbeche

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