In between Latvia and USA, I spent 34 hours in Ireland.

We flew back from Riga, arriving in Dublin at 11.15pm (local time) Tuesday evening, having gone back 2 hours in time zones. I travelled to Belfast where our team stayed the night, and early the next morning (Wed) drove to Portstewart where I got to spend a couple of hours with some family who were over visiting from California. It was literally only about 3 hours, but it was great to see them… I only wish we could have had more time to hang out and catch up on each others lives. (If they’re reading this, keep in touch!)

The drive up to the North Coast that morning was beautiful… one more confirmation of why I love Ireland, and why Portstewart is still my favourite place on the planet! Sun in my face, wind in my hair, Foy’s new album in my ears… I love it!

I then spent an hour with a friend I needed to see, before heading back up to Belfast to hang out with my best friend, and celebrate our birthdays. I was out of the country for both, hers during Latvia, mine during USA, so we celebrated with a coffee and some banter inbetween.

At 11pm Wed evening, I got a bus from Belfast back down to Dublin, where I spent the evening ‘sleeping’ in Dublin airport.

At 5am Thurs morning, I checked into my flight. By 9am I was on my way outta the country again, arriving at 2.20pm (local time) Thursday in Washington D.C.

So there you have it…

3 countries, 4 currencies, 6 time zones… in less than 48 hours.