I’ve been thinking about setting some goals again… I think it’s time to rejig and update my list. Mark has been talking about goal-setting quite a bit recently. It sent me off on a wee search for my 43 Things account, which I have used very little… it’s interesting to see what’s on the list, I haven’t really used it since I set it up about a year ago. I discovered that I’d achieved one of the goals since then – see e.s.t. live in concert – it’s good to recognise goals being achieved.

I’ve been slowly working my way through Eugene Petersons’ book, Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places. He puts it well when he writes,

“Never, impatient with the limitations of time, did Jesus slip through some time-warp and bypass the waiting. Never, chafing under the limitations of place, did Jesus replace the local with some generalized and ethereal spiritual “presence”. Anything and everything in creation was an occasion for the glory, the entire creation manifesting the bright presence of God, even in, especially in, the most unlikely times and places; the line between supernaural and natural constantly was blurred.”

This reality that “anything and everything” is an opportunity to delve into God-revelation is part of the excitement for me of setting goals. Every goal I set is a way for me to get to know more of this beyond-my-comprehension God I serve.

Find my current goal list at 43 Things… I guess I will update it in the next few days and weeks as I get some clarity.