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In the vein of Ally’s recent posts…. I thought I’d post a picture of my dinner tonight. I was in the mood for cooking something proper, a full meal, so here’s what I had…

Chicked stuffed with mango, on a bed of mashed potato, with julienne carrots.

Yes, I know… I burnt the chicken… It was my first time cooking this, was just experiementing really… and I burnt the chicken, which was disappointing… but man I so enjoyed this meal!!

5 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. yay, cooking rocks! Good for your Emma. . keep at it and your chicken will be just right! Experimenting in the kitchen is always a good thing!

  2. This is insane! If i knew yourself and Ally were so well presented in your culinary delights I’d have had you in the Upper Room kitchen with me!

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