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It’s been pretty incredible to see how much atiG has grown in the last few years, even in these last 6 months or so to be honest, everything just seems to have gone crazy with them. It wasn’t that long ago Philip was leaving SOAP, and off to be Fernando’s tour manager for a while. Not that long ago that Ally was still only engaged and not married.

Fast forward 6 months…

Ally and Cherry are making a wee home together in the ‘mena.

Philip is galavanting all around the show, such as recently attending the Dove awards (what?!?).

The Casting Crowns gig in June sold out ages ago.

Chris Tomlin tickets for Aug go on sale soon. I havee no doubt they will also sell out early… so go buy some!

In other words… I’m so chauffed for these guys, I love that they are prospering and getting more well-known artists into Northern Ireland as well as still supporting and nurturing lesser-known local talent.

5 thoughts on “atiG

  1. Ignorant Yank question of the day! What does “chauffed” mean exactly? BY the way, that is awesome they are getting artists used by God into Northern Ireland. Truely is a beautiful thing my friend.

  2. Couldn’t agree more Emma. It’s been so good to see how things have developed over the past year or so. Exciting times I believe! Always amazing seeing the dreams God gives people coming to fruition…

  3. Shawn… I use it to mean, really pleased, happy, proud… that kinda thing… I actually went to find it in the dictionary and it’s not there, I always assumed it was a proper word!!

    Rick… it is amazing to watch dreams coming into being… much like Worship Ireland I imagine…

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