I cleared off to the beach this afternoon for a while. The weather has been beautiful the last while, so I took the opportunity to have some time out on my own beside the sea, took the train up to West Kilbride.

I’ve been wrestling a bit with God the last few days especially. I seem to go through seaons when it feels like I’ve no idea what God is up to and it hurts more than I’d like to to. Equally, it also seems to be in the midst of those seasons when I get more opportunities to share Jesus with those around me. Maybe its like Goethe said, where there is a great deal of light, the shadows are deepest.

Today I needed some time out to just relax, not feel under pressure, and refocus on God. Being by the ocean (or water in general) always helps me do that. I spent a good hour walking waist-deep through the ocean, admiring the world around me, breathing deeply of the sea air and pouring my heart to God. I love how Spurgeon said it:

“The best style of prayer is that which cant be called anything else but a cry.”

On the reading front, I just finished off Jim Cymbala’s book. This month has been quite light on the recreational reading so far as I was doing a lot of reading for my essay on John’s gospel.* Now that it’s handed in I’m looking forward to some more books.

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