Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Working on an essay (i love the topic but actually writting them does my head in). My essay is on unique theological and literary features in John’s Gospel. Pretty interesting stuff!

Had an immense Easter celebratory meal at Reubens on Sunday night (thanks!).


Yesterday I went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery with the legend that is Aly. Really enjoyed seeing some cool art, though it was incredibly busy due to it being Easter Monday (which we’d kinda forgotten about!). I saw some images by a photographer called Joseph McKenzie, which are incredible. I love his style… although I can’t seem to find anything online to show you. Also discovered an artist called J.P. Pringle, whom I really like now too. I plan to go back some day when it’s not crazy busy, because I only saw a little bit of the museum (it’s deceptively large!) and also because it’s such a beautiful building, want to take some photographs.

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