Today is “Good Friday”… I am in mourning today. I was introduced to the concept of “Bad Friday” a number of months ago, and have decided to adopt it.


The true horror of the cross allows no such shelter, for if considered in itself, it signals the seeming abandonment of God by God… forcing the viewer [of the Passion of the Christ] to think about their response to Christ amidst his absence and in the seeming face of his abandonment by God.”
[Peter Rollins]

Instead of having a Good Friday service, where we celebrate Jesus resurrection, Mars Hill Church had a ‘Bad Friday’ service – a day of mourning, real sadness and rawness and emotion, leaving the tension unresolved until the Easter Sunday service, when they blow the roof off with praise! How much more powerful would it make Easter feel to me or you?

“This is the horror of the cross, not the blood and suffering of an innocent, but the removal of God.”
[Peter Rollins]

I like crookedshores’ thoughts on the subject.

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