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Circle Pit

Got back from the UCCF retreat earlier today… so much fun. I’m pretty tired now after a few late nights and intense days!! Got to meet a lot of new folks, make connections with leaders in similar roles to mine (especially Josiah – legend!!) and receive some quality teaching from a pastor in Edinburgh.

[‘Circle pit’ dancing, courtesy of Dan]

Heading out to a friends gig in town now – Jen is playing at the Butterfly & Pig shortly which I’m excited about!

I’ll probably post up some notes from the weekend later.

5 thoughts on “Circle Pit

  1. It is indeed! He is an absolute legend, had a blast getting to chat to him – he’s Edinburghs social action person – the one other social action person there is!

  2. Looks like you had a blast. I have some vaction time coming up with week and next week and am so looking forward to it. Miss talking with ya.

  3. Connor – yea Josiah was over in Ireland last year, it’s the same one. Shawn – had an amazing time. Sorry I’m so busy these days, looking forward to getting a chat with you over Easter holidays sometime hopefully!

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