fairtrade fortnight banner

We ran a wee stall in the library today to help raise awareness of Fairtrade (this being Fairtrade Fortnight and all). It was pretty fun, just giving out some free samples, letting people taste the goodness and sharing about how easy it is to buy Fairtrade now. Gareth did a great job getting it set up with the SRC, who pretty much provided everything, all we had to do was man it.

It has been cool for me to be researching this some more. We (being the Social Action Team from uni) put together a flyer detailing what our local coffee shops think about Fairtrade. I’ll probably post it up tomorrow.

CU tomorrow should be interesting – Tara from Tearfund is speaking on slavery and people trafficking, it’s modern day equivalent.

For more info on Fairtrade, check out the website.