My baptism last night was so amazing. Baptism as a symbol of my faith in Jesus and my love for Jesus is powerful in itself, but to celebrate it with my family there and so many of the people I’ve grown to love here in Glasgow. There are no words. I had some coffee with my parents, my wee brother and my aunt afterwards, then headed back to the flat where a few friends came round to celebrate… such a lovely lovely evening…

baptism c,s

p,r,c fridge

m,r,e c,p,ru

p,a,ra food


I’ve waited all my life to be here face to face.
I never knew that I could feel this kind of grace.
The way You show me that Your blood has washed me clean,
Could never be erased; it lives inside of me…

I stand here in this place,
See the Glory on Your Face,
Taken by the wonder of Your name.
I’m desperate for Your touch,
Never needed it so much,
Cause all I want is You.

[All I Want Is You – Planetshakers]