Stuff I’m listening to right now…


e.s.t. – generally!

The gig last night was good (though I’m not so sure I like the songs that are purely synthesiser) Will have some pictures up on my Flickr sometime in the next week.

Viktoria Tolstoy – Love Is Real

She supported e.s.t. last night, along with the Jacob Karlzon Trio. (Billed as the Viktoria Tolstoy Quartet) She was quite amazing actually! Her voice is great, and Jacob Karlzon on the keys was stunning… would like to get some more of their music.

Rosie Thomas – These Friends Of Mine

I downloaded just this one song, I’d like the album now though! Heard of her through a blog post, where she was described as,

“just sublime. feels like the sound of wanting to touch another’s fingertips with your own with tentativeness and tenderness and the sadness that you can’t, or won’t, for fear you would lose your soul to love…”

Which I think is a very adequate description!