What a weekend!

I had a blast hanging out with some friends in Newcastle and Durham over the weekend. Got to spend time with one I know a bit, get to know someone I’ve only met a few times a bit more, and meet a new friend I’ve heard lots about, but never met. Much fun! We just dandered around Newcastle on Saturday afternoon, pretty place.

baltic mill

[Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art]


[A random statue in Newcastle… there was a lot of stuff like this, appears to be a rather artsy place!]

I stayed in Durham on Saturday evening with the girl I’d just met that day. Durham really reminded me of Edinburgh to be honest! Lots of little winding streets and old architecture. We spent some time in prayer that night, which was intense, but can’t be shared here! If you really want to know, drop me an email and maybe I’ll share some more.

Sunday morning we went to my friends church in Newcastle, City Church. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it… it has a really nice family feel to it, a range of age groups. After having some lunch and coffee, we got the train back up to Glasgow. Journey takes about 2 and a half hours. From Central station we headed straight out to a church on the southside of Glasgow to chat with their youth pastor.

starbucks quality

[We ended up in Starbucks for coffee, despite my not liking it… This sign amused me… “To protect the quality of our coffee, we ask you not to smoke.”]

When I finally made it back into my flat and dumped my stuff (rucksack, sleeping bag et al), I realised just how shattered I was!