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Thought I would share a few snapshots from the last few days…

perfect cup

Jenni had a few of us over for some tea and Scrabble playing on Wed past, had a blast hanging out and having a laugh together. I had this cup… amused me to no end! “I know I’m not perfect, but I’m so close it scares me.”

church tower

I passed this church out walking recently, and loved how the sun was glinting off it. The image doesn’t show it very well as it’s off my camera phone, but I’m gonna head back down past it with my proper camera some day soon and take some pictures.

flat dinner

flat dinner

On Saturday we had dinner together as a flat, as one of our flatmates was leaving. We cooked a proper roast dinner, it was immense! Loved it. Thought you’d like to see some pics!

How was your week?

7 thoughts on “Snapshots

  1. nice, personal pics, Emma! love them!

    the dinner looks delish. . . my week last week? ugh. . don’t ask, girl!

    But this is a new week and new experiences will surely unfold.

    Hey! I got those S.A. conference tapes on CD now. . and the one that i’m missing, i sent you an address for in my comment a few topics back.. (i think it was the ‘dangerous’ post? If you’d like i can make you some copies and send them?

  2. Jenni – over course! Had a blast, was def a highlight from last week!

    Kathryn – His mercies are new every morning, right?! I got the link for that talk, thanks, and would love it if you could send me the others, if it’s not too much hassel. I’ll drop you an email with my Glasgow address.

    Motu – its a Yorkshire pudding… so neither bun nor souffle!

  3. Hi Emma, Looking at those pics of your dinner is making me really hungry. Hope you are doing well. Apologies for not being in contact so much sooner. Can you text me? Trev and I don’t seem to have the right number for you. I dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago and have lost loads of numbers. Wanted to let you know that we had got oyu a couple of books from your Amazon wish list. They wouldn’t let me post them to you , don’t know why so just wanted to make contact. Sure text me. Talk soon. Love your blog. Em:)

  4. I will leave the potato comments to myself, waaaay to easy. But I thought an Irish 7 course meal consisted of a 6-pack of Guiness and a potato. I guess I was wrong. I can honestyly say though, I have never seen pudding that looked like that though, a bit confusing…

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