Wake Up

Daley wrote a great, heartfelt post here. People like this, that are going hard after Jesus, these people inspire me and challenge me. May there be many more of you… and my thanks to you all who already play these roles in my life, even (and maybe more so) if you don’t realise you do.

“Kids my age keep complaining…they keep nit picking.
I want to wake up.
I want to feel my heart beating.
I want to lose myself for others.”

4 thoughts on “Wake Up

  1. Thanks, Jenni, you’re someone who inspires me hugely! Thanks for your influence in my life.

    Rindy… how’d you come across my blog? Via Daley? Great to have you here.

    I read recently about how there are so many young visionaries and dreamers in the church today, but we could really do with some good eldership. We need to remain anchored in the local church because we need roots and wisdom. I’m praying for many more young visionaries, and for many more wise elders too.

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