Exams & Their Side-Effects

So I made it through my mini blog break, to attempt some exams. Funny story… Monday’s exam (Maths) was ok, but yesterday, I was supposed to have a Biblical Studies exam… didn’t quite make it…

I got up in the morning and was feeling all that great, but wasn’t bad enough that I was going to miss my exam. Started heading down to uni, began to feel a bit light-headed, but carried on anyway! Got about half way there before I had to stop and throw up! (Yes, I use the phrase literally here, as opposed to my figaritive ‘throw up a post’ use). Needless to say I  got in a taxi and headed back to my flat, thus missing the exam. Joy. I feel fine now though, I think I may have ate something a little dodgey! Had been looking forward to that exam actually, because I’m really interested in the subject! Have to sit it in August now.

2 thoughts on “Exams & Their Side-Effects

  1. ugh. . poor you! That happened to our daughter last year. . she had ‘the pukes’ during one of her winter exams. . had to write it in June. . feel better soon!!!

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