I have returned to Glasgow! The extra few days in Northern Ireland (when I was bored/stuck in the house/procrastinating revision) were completely worth it when I got to see Foy Vance play at Black Box yesterday afternoon. Quite possibly the best I’ve ever heard him!

The gig was sold out, but managed to get my name on a list at the door and sneak in anyway! The auditorium was jam packed, with just enough room to move. The atmosphere was great, the crowd was silent while Foy played, and cheering rapturously in between. A superb folk band by the name of The Winding Stair supported. Then, in his usual understated way, Foy danders up onto the stage through the crowd, and launches straight into some quality songs, using his looping gadget thing. Sang a myriad of wonderful songs, with a few new ones thrown in there… loving this line from a new song:

“Hope deals the hardest blow.”

Quite a haunting song. Get it recorded and out somewhere soon Foy! The gig had its amusing moments of course – playing barefoot to fix a technical glitch, getting given water instead of Guinness, having a moment while we all sang along with a song… ah the beauty. There is also the fact that he played for almost 2 hours, well over what he was supposed to. Not that any of us were complaining. The man just keeps getting better and better!

In other news, I will try to go blog free for the next two days… need to revise for exams on Monday (eek tomorrow!) and Tuesday afternoons.