I spent today in Portstewart with a really amazing friend just hanging out, resting, enjoying each other’s company.

Blessed. That’s how I feel. Enjoying her company, rejoicing in God’s goodness in giving me her friendship. She challenges me a lot too!

Today she made this comment about noticing the little things. It made me realise that, in many instances, I don’t notice the little things anymore as much as I used to. Kinda made me sad. How many gifts does God send my way everyday that I miss?

Been reading John Ortberg’s book ‘God Is Closer Than You Think’ lately (needed something less academic for a few days!). He quotes a passage from a novel called ‘The Prince of Tides’ which I thought fitted in very well with this:

“I would like to have walked his world, thanking God for oysters and porpoises, praising God for birdsong and sheet lightning, seeing God reflected in pools of creek-water and the eyes of stray cats. I would like to have talked to yard dogs as if they were my friends and fellow travelers along the sun-tortured highways intoxicated with the love of God… I would like to have seen the whole world with eyes incapable of anything but wonder, and with a tongue fluent only in praise.”

I think this may be a point I need to work on a bit again! Becoming incapable of anything but wonder… how amazing would that be?